Powered Now Reviews

Our goal is to make your business life easier and its always nice to hear how we've changed peoples lives. Here are a sample of current reviews taken from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play.

You can also read some of our case studies to learn more!

Stone Classics - Amazing

This app has revolutionised my working life. I can create invoices and estimates a lot quicker now and all on the iPad, so I can do it whenever I have a bit of time during the day. This leaves my evenings free to do what I want to do instead of sitting in front of the computer!

GGElectrical - I love this app!

Before I discovered it I would spend hours hunting for old quotes when a client suddenly asked for that job from a year ago. This keeps everything in order and I love how the projects work.

If it could accept signatures that would be even better. < Good news, we now support this!

JS Plumbing and Heating - I'm using for all of my staff

I'm awful at doing my paperwork, and even worse when it comes to making sure my team know what they are doin! This is perfect.

This app gets better and better.