Whats new in Powered Now version 5?

Version 5 of Powered Now is our biggest and best release yet. With some huge new feature and a bunch of improvements we think you'll love it. 

Contents of video:

  • Create Invoice: 0.35 min
  • Adding Contacts: 2.26 min
  • Supplier Invoices: 2.54 min
  • Expenses: 3.48 min
  • CIS: 4.26 min
  • Financials: 6.39 min

New Features:

  • Record expenses and supplier invoices
  • Support for ‘Construction Industry Scheme’ CIS
  • Support for tax disbursements
  • New financial reports
  • Auto lookup of other Powered Now users and invoice submission

Minor Improvements:

  • Better photo management for documents
  • Improved priced items
  • Better diary for multi user

Resolved Issues:

  • Occasionally the sync could get stuck
  • Chat button was occasionally getting in the way
  • Small maps issues
  • Financial details in projects
  • Diary improvements
  • PayPal card reader configuration
  • General performance improvements

Expenses and Supplier Invoices

Powered Now v5 has a new section called ‘Costs’. Within this new section you can record both your expenses and supplier invoices (Pro only). 

With Expenses you can take a photo of your receipts, record the financial details and keep it all in one place. For multi users there is also a new approval process, employees and team members can submit expenses for approval.

Our Professional users also have a new supplier invoice option. Add your suppliers into Powered Now and record your supplier invoices, this also gives you a great report so you can see where you spend your money.

Construction Industry Scheme

Powered Now v5 now supports the Construction Industry Scheme ‘CIS’ taxation. Once you add your CIS details into settings you get a new category option on your invoices, this allows you to correctly record your CIS deductions.

The new reporting option also gives Contractors payment and deduction and CIS 300 reports. Sub-Contractors also have a new sub-contractor report to detail tax credit.

Tax Disbursements

Useful for users that are close to the VAT threshold, disbursements allow you to pass through the cost of materials which your customer has pre-committed to pay for without adding to your turnover. If you are VAT registered and have suppliers who are not VAT registered, disbursements allows you to pass through these supplier charges without adding VAT, although this won't be the case where the charges are subject to CIS.

Financial Reports

We’ve bought financial reports into Powered Now. There is a new tab called ‘Finances’ that gives a good overview of your business performance. There is also a new accounts export function to generate and save sales invoices, expenses, supplier invoices and payments, making your bookkeepers or accountants lives easier.

  • For a full overview of the new finances section please see the Support Portal.

Photo Management

You can now add photos to your quotes, invoices, job sheets and expenses from the priced item box.

Auto Lookup and Invoice Submission

Version 5 gives you the ability to look up other Powered Now users. When you are adding a contact, if they are an existing user their contact details are automatically completed.

Once you’ve connected with an existing user in Powered Now you can also automatically submit invoices, this will appear in their costs (Pro users only) saving everyone time and perfect for sub-contractors.

Improved Priced Items

We’ve made the creation of Priced Items for your documents even easier by improving the user interface.

Thank you to out thousands of users for all the suggestions and feedback, we do appreciate it.