It’s the New Tax year! let's start it right!

Starting your New Tax Year in the right way will only help your business become even more successful for the upcoming months ahead! A fresh start at keeping your books in order has never been easier, with customer statements, supplier invoices and CIS integration all available at the touch of a button. This year’s accounts can be stress free!


Don’t lose tax relief from those crumpled up receipts and invoices lost in your van!! Start keeping a detailed record of all of your costs, supplier invoices and photos of important receipts. All of these are recorded within your project timelines!

Customer Statements

Keeping track of what your customers have and haven't paid you is vital to your company's cash flow. Checking your customer statements within Powered Now and re-sending reminder invoice emails makes receiving owed payments easy.

CIS (construction industry scheme) Integration

Understanding CIS and when to use it is imperative. Anyone who uses subcontractors for construction work needs to register as a CIS contractor with HMRC.
Adding all the information you will need for CIS registration (name, or the name of their business, UTR, company registration number or National Insurance number if self-employed) can all be integrated within Powered Now making all the calculations for you simple!

See the video on CIS setup below.

Powered Now is designed to make your business work on the go, from anywhere. Utilising the full features of your software will help to make your new tax year a structured and well organised one!