2016, a year to invest for Construction and Building firms

2016 will be a year of steady growth, at least this is the view of Richard Threlfall, KPMG’s Head of Infrastructure, Building and Construction. 

"Labour supply and price pressures will start to ease, and the industry should be able to start focussing on securing steady growth in what will be a strong market.
It will be a year for businesses to invest, in people, processes and technology, to create a platform for what could be many good years ahead"

Richard also believes that news for highly skilled trades is very positive.

“For the supply chain, the outlook is really good. Companies that have real specialism will be in hot demand, particularly those operating with highly skilled labour which will remain in short supply, for example in electrical engineering.
Subcontractors will continue to hold the balance of power for at least the next year
I believe construction demand will remain high for many years. The Government is committed to infrastructure programmes which will take decades to deliver."

We agree with Richard, while 2015 was very good for the majority of trade firms, 2016 should be even better. While both the number and quality of opportunities may increase there is a downside, the administration. Paperwork is always a by product of growth! In this context, we feel that the Powered Now story is particularly relevant. Isn't it time your firm got up to date with technology? 

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(Source: Construction Enquirer