It’s the New Tax year! let's start it right!

Starting your New Tax Year in the right way will only help your business become even more successful for the upcoming months ahead! A fresh start at keeping your books in order has never been easier, with customer statements, supplier invoices and CIS integration all available at the touch of a button. This year’s accounts can be stress free!


Don’t lose tax relief from those crumpled up receipts and invoices lost in your van!! Start keeping a detailed record of all of your costs, supplier invoices and photos of important receipts. All of these are recorded within your project timelines!

Customer Statements

Keeping track of what your customers have and haven't paid you is vital to your company's cash flow. Checking your customer statements within Powered Now and re-sending reminder invoice emails makes receiving owed payments easy.

CIS (construction industry scheme) Integration

Understanding CIS and when to use it is imperative. Anyone who uses subcontractors for construction work needs to register as a CIS contractor with HMRC.
Adding all the information you will need for CIS registration (name, or the name of their business, UTR, company registration number or National Insurance number if self-employed) can all be integrated within Powered Now making all the calculations for you simple!

See the video on CIS setup below.

Powered Now is designed to make your business work on the go, from anywhere. Utilising the full features of your software will help to make your new tax year a structured and well organised one!

Whats new in Powered Now version 5?

Version 5 of Powered Now is our biggest and best release yet. With some huge new feature and a bunch of improvements we think you'll love it. 

Contents of video:

  • Create Invoice: 0.35 min
  • Adding Contacts: 2.26 min
  • Supplier Invoices: 2.54 min
  • Expenses: 3.48 min
  • CIS: 4.26 min
  • Financials: 6.39 min

New Features:

  • Record expenses and supplier invoices
  • Support for ‘Construction Industry Scheme’ CIS
  • Support for tax disbursements
  • New financial reports
  • Auto lookup of other Powered Now users and invoice submission

Minor Improvements:

  • Better photo management for documents
  • Improved priced items
  • Better diary for multi user

Resolved Issues:

  • Occasionally the sync could get stuck
  • Chat button was occasionally getting in the way
  • Small maps issues
  • Financial details in projects
  • Diary improvements
  • PayPal card reader configuration
  • General performance improvements

Expenses and Supplier Invoices

Powered Now v5 has a new section called ‘Costs’. Within this new section you can record both your expenses and supplier invoices (Pro only). 

With Expenses you can take a photo of your receipts, record the financial details and keep it all in one place. For multi users there is also a new approval process, employees and team members can submit expenses for approval.

Our Professional users also have a new supplier invoice option. Add your suppliers into Powered Now and record your supplier invoices, this also gives you a great report so you can see where you spend your money.

Construction Industry Scheme

Powered Now v5 now supports the Construction Industry Scheme ‘CIS’ taxation. Once you add your CIS details into settings you get a new category option on your invoices, this allows you to correctly record your CIS deductions.

The new reporting option also gives Contractors payment and deduction and CIS 300 reports. Sub-Contractors also have a new sub-contractor report to detail tax credit.

Tax Disbursements

Useful for users that are close to the VAT threshold, disbursements allow you to pass through the cost of materials which your customer has pre-committed to pay for without adding to your turnover. If you are VAT registered and have suppliers who are not VAT registered, disbursements allows you to pass through these supplier charges without adding VAT, although this won't be the case where the charges are subject to CIS.

Financial Reports

We’ve bought financial reports into Powered Now. There is a new tab called ‘Finances’ that gives a good overview of your business performance. There is also a new accounts export function to generate and save sales invoices, expenses, supplier invoices and payments, making your bookkeepers or accountants lives easier.

  • For a full overview of the new finances section please see the Support Portal.

Photo Management

You can now add photos to your quotes, invoices, job sheets and expenses from the priced item box.

Auto Lookup and Invoice Submission

Version 5 gives you the ability to look up other Powered Now users. When you are adding a contact, if they are an existing user their contact details are automatically completed.

Once you’ve connected with an existing user in Powered Now you can also automatically submit invoices, this will appear in their costs (Pro users only) saving everyone time and perfect for sub-contractors.

Improved Priced Items

We’ve made the creation of Priced Items for your documents even easier by improving the user interface.

Thank you to out thousands of users for all the suggestions and feedback, we do appreciate it.

Two slight tweaks to pricing

We've made two slight tweaks to our pricing, adding more value to the subscription tiers:

  • We've reintroduced the starter tier, this is a very low cost plan to get you going, starting from £4 per month.
  • We've increased the number of documents you can send in the Business tier from 40 to unlimited!

Also our team subscription (which just starts at £17 per month) has had a big update with tracking being added.

Hope this is useful!

Ben and the team.

Powered Now - Now available on your PC and Mac

Just a quick update as a longer post will follow, I have some good news!

The online version of Powered Now is out of beta and ready for use. We know you're going to love it and hopefully it will make your lives easier!

You can log into Powered Now using Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox browsers at the following address:

Note that you cannot use the web version on your tablet or smartphone (yet), you should continue to use the app which means you can work when you don’t have a signal.

While we have extensively tested the software there are a lot of computer and browser combinations so if you find something that's not working just let me know by raising a support ticket.

Hope you like it!

Ben and the team

Powered Now update: v3.6 out now!

Powered Now version 3.6 introduces important changes and new functionality.

New chat functionality in v3.6 making it easier for you to communicate with your team.

New chat functionality in v3.6 making it easier for you to communicate with your team.

  • The diary has been completely over-hauled and made easier to use.
    • The ability to link to a Google calendar had previously been added but we are mentioning it again as we found many people were not aware of this feature
  • All documents have been overhauled to provide even more power.
    • Editing is now totally flexible and any items can be deleted or added directly from the project timeline. See the “advanced edit” tab to try this out. Job sheets can also be added more easily and are treated like any other document. Any document created for a previous customer can now be used as a template.
  • The team (multi-user) version can now allow unlimited users, with a license fee for additional users.
    • Team members can chat through the app either privately one-to-one or across the entire team.
  • The subscription tiers have been completely changed. Details are here.
    • Any subscriber wishing to stay on their existing package should contact Powered Now for further details.

Coming soon: Powered Now on your desktop and laptop

Funny: Hoverboarding Tradesmen, the future?

After the sinking digger got you talking yesterday we thought we would share another video thats turned up at the Power Tower, this one however must be from the future as it features hoverboards! So heads up tradesmen, you might need to up your game to compete with this guy!

Funny: Driving Perfection

Something lighthearted, do we think this guy carries a CPCS Card (Construction Plant Competence Scheme)?

V3.5 is here, update today!

Delighted to announce some pretty big features, performance improvements and the odd bug squished. You can update today from the app store.

[NEW] Projects on the iPhone - One of our most loved features makes its way over to the iPhone! Plan your projects on the go, arrange appointments, manage your job sheets, and create quotes and invoices on our easy to use timeline.

[NEW] Multiple Logos / Images on Documents - You can now add as many logos / images on your documents as you want.

[NEW] Industry Logos - We’ve included some of the most common industry logos so you can show off your certifications and memberships.

[NEW] Multi User Improvements - Engineers can now do more! Including view projects, job sheets, quotes and invoices but cannot see prices unless they create them.

[NEW] Support of PayPal Here chip and pin readers so you can accept credit and debit cards as well as contactless and Apple Pay.

[NEW] Template - Minimal, easy on the eyes and perfect for adding your logos to.

[FIXS] A bunch of performance improvements and minor bugs.

Powered Now Survey of Homeowners Reveals the Secrets of Maximising Sales for the Trade

Powered Now’s survey of more than 1,000 homeowners has provided insight into the relationship between tradesmen and their customers.

The research is the second annual survey by Powered Now (the admin app for tradesmen) and reveals a treasure trove of information on how residential customers find and select tradesmen.

Highlights include:

  1. 4% (1 in 25) of homeowners classify themselves as rogue customers, having missed appointments, paid late or deliberately avoided paying part of their bill.
  2. 18% of homeowners now use search engines to find trade companies. Traditional print-based media including Yellow Pages, Thomson and local papers combined are used by just 11%.
  3. 13% of homeowners have had work done in the last year by a female tradesperson
  4. There has been a big rise in using payment cards and bank transfers to pay for work
  5. The top irritation for two-thirds of homeowners is missed appointments by tradesmen.

Rogue traders and rogue customers

Although the mainstream press tends to focus on rogue traders (and 11% of those surveyed had encountered someone they regarded as a rogue trader in the previous 12 months) the complaint that Powered Now has heard from the trade is about rogue customers, which receives little coverage.

Benjamin Dyer, CEO of Powered Now explains:

“I had been intrigued by something that gas engineer, John McLouglin had said to me, ’We’ve all heard of rogue traders, but really there should be a rogue customer’s gallery too. These people can cause terrible problems.’ So this year we asked homeowners both about their experiences with rogue traders, but also whether they themselves were rogue customers.”

An amazing 1 in 25 (4%) owned up to being rogue customers! That embraced missing appointments, paying late and deliberately withholding some of the money that was rightfully due.

The death of traditional marketing

Over 70% of homeowners use recommendation or previous experience of tradesmen to find people to do further work, with 18% using search engines. The survey confirms that traditional marketing is dying, with Yellow Pages, Thomson and local papers combined just used by 11%. is failing to make much of an impression, with only 4% citing this as the source of trades people.

Choosing a tradesman or company

50% of home owners see reputation as very important in deciding who to give work to. The next two factors, each seen as very important by around a quarter of the survey, were availability to start and a keen price. 15% saw the professional look of company employees as very important and a further 43% saw this as somewhat important. These findings largely matched the findings of the 2014 survey.

Causes for complaint

The biggest complaints from homeowners were around general organisation and reliability with 83% of those surveyed experiencing tradesmen failing to turn up as agreed (31% were frustrated by this “to a large extent”). However, for homeowners who do manage to get a tradesman to visit, a whopping 75% of those surveyed were unhappy about how difficult it was to get a quote or estimate afterwards.

And even having obtained a price, a similar number (76%) complained that the final bill was more than the amount quoted. This may be down to poor setting of expectations, where changes and difficulties which couldn’t reasonably be foreseen led to higher charges. However customers didn’t seem to be aware of this possibility.


The Powered Now survey confirms that cash continues to be the payment method of choice, used for 54% of jobs, but that is a large drop from 65% last year, as bank transfer and card payments have risen from 13% to over 25% of the total. 23% reported that they had been offered a discount for cash.

In fact 59% (barely changed from 58% last year) would prefer to pay by card if they could. Like last year, over half said they would pay faster if this was an option.

Poor paperwork

And it seems that tradesmen are missing out on work due to poor paperwork: 71% of those surveyed said that a professional-looking quotation makes it more likely they will choose a particular company, an identical result to last year. This is in addition to the need to get quotes out quickly.

These results support Powered Now’s mission to help tradesmen cope with their paperwork. Powered Now provides a mobile app for iPads, iPhones and Android devices that helps to manage customers, send quotations and invoices, take payment and more.

Benjamin Dyer adds:

“Our annual homeowner survey substantiates what our users have been telling us: as tradesmen, they need solutions that can help with their administration and paperwork. No-one enjoys paperwork but it is a necessary evil. There was a lot of consistency between this and last year’s survey, which provides even more credence, particularly as this year we interviewed over 1,000 homeowners.

“At Powered Now we are aiming to provide the tools that make it easy to meet the needs and expectations of customers as well as tax and other statutory requirements, all with minimal effort. The results of the survey confirm our view that tradesmen who use technology intelligently have the opportunity to not only save time, but make more money too.”

Five takeaways to help tradesmen grow their businesses

  1. Make doing great work your priority, the vast majority leads for business still come from recommendation and final selection depends on reputation.
  2. Forget traditional marketing, and go online instead.
  3. If at all possible, make sure you can be found on Google.
  4. Never miss an appointment or turn up late, it destroys trust and loses business.
  5. Produce professional looking quotations, and provide them quickly.

The second Powered Now survey encompassed 1,038 UK homeowners, was conducted during July 2015 and was undertaken via independent research company Toluna. It investigated homeowner attitudes and experiences with trades people.

Survey Infographic, click for larger version

Powered Now Releases Version 3 of its Admin App for Tradesmen

Powered Now, the people making life easier for tradesmen and small trade companies, has announced a major new release of its app for simplifying paperwork and enabling growth for electricians, builders, plumbers and other trades.

Version 3 of the software adds support for Android and a multi-user capability that lets whole teams share information. It also adds a raft of new functionality designed to automate even more of the routine administration that every trade business is forced to undertake.


New functionality

  • The software can now work for a team or a sole trader with its multi-user mode across all features.

Multi-user automatically shares information across all team members. Team members can be given different roles allowing them to access different parts of the software so, for instance, engineers cannot see all financial details.

This new feature is a hit with Chris Astley of Astley Access Automation Ltd ( who says, " Multi-user is a great new feature for an already great product. Managing the team, appointments and paperwork has never been easier.”

  • Powered Now is now available on Android, meaning that while the manager can control things using an iPad, engineers might be equipped with lower cost Android smartphones which can be easily replaced if broken. Obviously, since all data is shared across all devices, the loss of a device does not lead to loss of data.
  • Other features include the ability to record hours spent on appointments; the facility for engineers to snap before and after pictures of jobs and record general notes; and the ability to capture customer signatures for a variety of purposes.

Co-founder and CEO Benjamin Dyer comments, “We are on a mission to help tradesmen run their businesses more simply. We are continuing to raise money to invest aggressively in product development and we won’t stop until we have the most powerful and easy-to-use solution for the field trade world. Tradesmen have been under-served by the IT industry for years, and we are determined to change that.”

The Powered Now app works on iPhones, iPads and Android, providing a comprehensive admin toolkit for every step, from booking an appointment, and preparing an estimate through to taking payment. It even works when there’s no wi-fi signal, and automatically backs up all information whenever there is a connection. Everything is designed to minimise the number of times that you need to enter information; once it’s entered, it never needs to be put in again. Data can also be exported for accountants and book-keepers.

Powered Now’s customers rate Powered Now with a very high Net Promoter Score of 54% [1].


Powered Now v3 is available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores now at Http://

There is a full 7-day trial and a free edition which provides all the features but no email, texting or postcode lookup. Subscriptions are £4.17/month for the solo user version and start at £29.99 for the multi-user version. All prices exclude VAT. See

[1] Net Promoter, NPS, and the NPS-related emoticons are registered service marks, and Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld. Score based on 108 customer responses during May 2015.