Sole trader, one man band? We can help!

Powered Now runs on all your devices and organises your work automatically so you'll never lose that important file again!

Powered Now runs on all your devices and organises your work automatically so you'll never lose that important file again!

Becoming a sole trader might be is the simplest way to get your business off the ground, but in our opinion its one of the hardest to run! The buck really stops with you, you are the business!

There are only so many hours in the day, and we all want to use them productively, so let Powered Now help with the paperwork.

Powered Now comes with a free seven day trial we can even help you get set up. What have you got to lose?

Before I discovered it I would spend hours hunting for old quotes when a client suddenly asked for that job from a year ago. This keeps everything in order and I love how the projects work.
— GG Electrical

Create invoices, quotes & paperwork from anywhere, and send them IMMEDIATELY

Getting the important paperwork out to your clients can be the most frustrating part of running a business. If you have to take days off to catch up on paperwork, or spend your evenings quoting or invoicing we can help.

Powered Now comes with 15 great looking templates you can customise, they will look amazing in minutes.

You can also send paperwork to your customers via email and text message and Powered Now even tells you when your customers have opened them.


Appointments are more than just a diary entry. Powered Now links everything together, the customer, project, staff and history.  Keeping everything in one place so you know what you have to do, and when you have to do it.

All backed up

Everything is backed up to the cloud and copied between your various devices giving you peace of mind.

Give Powered Now 7 days...

You Will Save Time

We understand that you didn't start your business to spend your days drowning in paperwork and admin. Powered Now is designed so all of that stuff is in the background.

The less time you spend on paperwork the more time you can spend doing what matters most.

It's Easy To Use

Powered Now is designed to be simple and intuitive, as we know technology can be intimidating.

In no time you'll be creating estimates, invoicing clients, tracking your staff, creating appointments, and managing projects. Every account comes with quick UK based support and training.

You Will Be More Successful

Don't just take our word for it, our users tell us that by using Powered Now their businesses are more successful!

If you quote quickly and well, you tend to win more work. Invoice on the job and giving your customers payment options means you get paid faster!

You'll Get Organised

Powered Now give you the power back!

Try us for 7 days and let us help you get organised so you can see the difference for yourself. Create simple but powerful projects to manage your time, customers, staff and paperwork.