Organise your team

running a team is hard, lets make it easy.

Understanding where everyone is, what they are doing and what should be happening is tough.

Powered Now has four killer features that can help you organise your team like a pro.

1. Smart Appointments and Diary

A diary that links to your customers, projects, invoices and staff. Its easy to use and makes manual job sheets a thing of the past.

2. Live Team Tracking

Know where everyone is and where they should be. All of your staff and appointments on a map, meaning you can dispatch the closest team member to Mrs Smiths emergency repair job.

3. Projects

Simple but powerful projects mean you can collect all of your customer information in a single place. Empower your team to collect signatures and more.

4. Live Chat

Chat directly to your team from Powered Now meaning your important business information is in a single place, backed up and stored. Banish the text message blues.

Get started with a free trial, or if you would like to know more request a demo.


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