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Powered Now users win more work, its a fact

Its easy to be cynical when someone promises to win you more work, after all everyone says that right?

So rather than fill this page full of marketing we thought we would let our customers tell you how Powered Now has helped grow their businesses.

Powered Now means I can get a quote out before the competition even get a chance.
— Acclaim Plastering and decorating

Creating quotes or invoices while you are onsite means your customers can accept and pay quicker. 

My paperwork looks so professional, its the lasting impression and it really counts.
— Chandler Building

Great looking paperwork is easy, you can choose from our inbuilt templates and even add your own logo.

Other comments from users:

  • Customer records and notes, backed up and one place including job and quote history. No more hunting for paper when the job from last year finally comes in!
  • Its easy to understand who hasn't paid or which quotes need chasing. Something I would forget to do.
  • I'm saving about an hour every day, time I can either spend with my family or taking on that extra job.

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