Issuing and invoice is only the start, with Powered Now you have a range of options for getting paid, fast!

Our Home Owner Survey confirms that while the idea of your customers handing over cash might be attractive, its actually pretty uncommon. What's more, cash payments continue to drop while bank transfers and card payments are on the rise. In fact nearly 60% of the people we surveyed would prefer to pay by card and over half report that they would pay faster if that was an option.

Powered Now gives you a range of payment options including online payment via PayPal as well as Chip and Pin.

PayPal Here - Chip & Pin

Immediate payment

Payments are deposited in your PayPal account straight away.
Payment types accepted:

World-class security

Protected with the highest standards of Chip and PIN technology, as well as our world-class fraud management systems.


Help when you need it

With a UK-based customer support team, help is never far away. You can contact us by email, phone or directly from the app.

No monthly fees

Pay once for your card reader and from 2.75% to as low as 1.9% + 20p per Chip & PIN or contactless transaction.