How Fencing Services have grown to 7 employees in their first year

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Fencing Services use Powered Now to improve efficiency and improve communication with customers.

Fencing Services are a model for trade companies that wish to grow their businesses quickly. They have gone from one employee to seven in the first year of operation, and are now looking to expand with further recruitment.

The principles that they operate their business with – providing good customer service, supplying a good product and communicating well with customers – are hardly rocket science. But sticking religiously to them has led to fantastic growth with the key being repeat business, recommendations and the use of technology. One other point to mention is that different people in the company have different roles based on their skills, so everyone is very quick and efficient at what they do.

Sales and marketing

As well as receiving recommendations and repeat work, Fencing Services have created their own web site to showcase their capabilities. This was relatively easy as one of the directors had the technical skills to do it themselves. They also use Google pay-per-click marketing, which requires a few hours of management time a week. They don’t use any of the new “market places” like Rated People or My Builder.

Most prospects receive a visit to size the job although a few get a quote based on a detailed spec they provided. A key part of Fencing Services approach is to always get quotes to the customer on the same day.

Powered Now enables them to see who has opened their quotes and every quote is in any case followed up with a call to see if the prospect has any questions and to ensure that it has been received. A further call is made a week later if they haven’t heard back. This all leads to a high acceptance rate in winning jobs.

Use of Powered Now

As a company determined to grow fast and therefore needing to be extra well organised and efficient, Fencing Services adopted Powered Now right from the start, having seen it mentioned in the Sunday Times. They also adopted the Multi-User version of Powered Now as soon as it came out.

Director Marcelle Stoughton, who manages the use of the system summarises her experience with Powered Now as:

So easy to use!
— Marcelle Stoughton, Director Fencing Services

Like most Powered Now users, Fencing Services have adapted the system to their way of working, rather than the other way round. So they produce an outline spec for a new job on paper and someone usually visits the client to discuss and size the job using paper again, even though this could be done in Powered Now. Powered Now is specifically designed to not force companies to work in any particular way.

Marcelle creates a Powered Now “Project” for each job, then puts in pricing and creates a quote. The quote is both emailed and texted to the prospect from within the system. Sometimes the quote has to be revised following feedback, but this happens less than 10% of the time.

Once the job has been accepted by the prospect, a job sheet outlining what needs doing is printed and the work scheduled. Once the work is completed an invoice is raised directly from the quotation with no rekeying required. Finally payment is recorded in the system.

Future plans

Fencing Services was created after a team that had previously run small businesses in the technology sector got together with a skilled fencer.

Their rapid growth not only means that they will be expanding the existing staff, they are also considering offering an administration and marketing service to other trade companies in their area. Their plan is that Powered Now will be at the centre of all of these efforts.