New Year Resolution to be more productive?

Six top tips on how Powered Now can help

It’s that time of year again. If you're planning on dusting off the running shoes, rejoining the gym or asking your significant other to hide the Christmas stash of Quality Street, that means you’re ready for someone to ask you for your New Year’s Resolutions.

To be more productive is one of the biggest promises we make ourselves. I know as I make this resolution every year. Lots of people equate being more productive with working harder. I think that’s wrong, being productive is all about working smarter.

When we surveyed a bunch of Powered Now users, in the summer, a whole lot of you admitted to being rubbish with admin and paperwork. I think we can all relate to this, but using Powered Now properly can mean the admin gets done in the background, saving you time and money. Now that’s what I call being productive!

So, with your New Years Resolution in mind, here are my six top tips for using Powered Now to be more productive!

1. Use Projects!

It's an obvious one, but with Projects being launched on the phone version of Powered Now back in November, it needs repeating, use Projects!

Projects are designed to be a container for the work you are doing. It’s totally private, so your customer can't see it, and you can keep everything in one place.  That’s photos, notes, and pricing plus all of the paperwork you raise. Why use loads of other apps, notepads and your memory when Projects can keep it all in one place.

Did you know? If you are using the multi user version of Powered Now the Engineer role can see and access your projects but all the prices on the documents are hidden. Perfect if you want to use Projects for managing your team but want to keep the numbers to yourself!

2. Copy Quotes and Invoices

Copying documents between one customer and another is really simple and can save you loads of time.

Copying documents between one customer and another is really simple and can save you loads of time.

Retyping things is a pain, especially on a mobile phone. If you have a previous quote or invoice that is similar to the one you want to create, don't reinvent the wheel, just copy it!

To copy a document, first open it, select 'Copy' and choose the customer you want to copy it too. If you need to edit the document, simply hit the 'Advanced Edit' button (or select it from the pull down on mobile) and you can edit the contents really quickly.

Did you know? When you copy a document from one customer to another, Powered Now creates a Project in the background. To see this project you need to have either 'Show All' or 'Auto Created Projects' selected on the project page.
Also editing documents lets you change the document date, very handy especially when copying from one to another.

3. Invite the rest of your team

Powered Now can easily be used with the rest of your team. Simply go to 'Manage Team' on the tablet version and add the names and email address of your team or staff. Once you have a team set up everyone can access paperwork, projects and appointments. You can also allocate work via the diary to team members, set reminders and track what’s going on.

Did you know? We have lots of new features coming for multi user in 2016, including team chat and location details. Get in touch if you would like to use an early beta in the new year!

4. Get Signatures

Nothing is more frustrating than a problem customer. We've all had them and sometimes even the friendliest customer can turn into a problem down the line. Problem customers cost you more than money, sometimes it can hurt your reputation as well.

Capturing a customers signature is easy, simply add one from a project or appointment.

Capturing a customers signature is easy, simply add one from a project or appointment.

Of course using Projects gives you a nice audit trail of what you've sent and when you've done it, however sometimes its worth going a little further and getting a signature.

  • Has the customer signed off the plans? Get a signature!
  • Is the customer happy with the work? Get a signature!
  • Has the customer really clocked that safety warning you have given them? Get a signature!
  • The list goes on and on...

Signature documents are just like any other within Powered Now, you can create them from Projects or Appointments and send them direct to the customer via text or email. The text above the signature that the customer is signing up to can be changed as necessary!

Did you know? Sending documents by text message generally means your customer gets them quicker. People check their messages much more frequently than their email. We always suggest you send both!

5. Set your Header and Footer text!

I've saved the most obvious tip for last, set your header and footer text! For example, if you want to put your bank details and payment terms on every invoice it’s really easy.

  • Simply press 'Settings' (it's the cog icon)
  • Then press 'Document Settings'
  • Hit the Pencil icon (mobile) or 'Edit Layout' button (tablet)
  • Press 'Next' until you get to step 3
  • You can now put your default text in, note you can change the text for each of the document type.
Did you know? Giving your customers a range of ways to pay you means you generally get paid faster? 
While it might be tempting to simply put your bank details in the invoice footer and expect to be paid, you should give your customers some additional choice. Powered Now users can accept payment via PayPal and card via chip and pin. If you want to know more just get in touch!

6. Always do a little more!

While I've only covered a few tips there are plenty of other ways Powered Now can make you more productive in 2016. Why don't you check out our support pages for inspiration?

If there is something I've missed and you want to learn more about it, or if you have your own Powered Now tip, please get in touch.

Happy New Year!