6 tips for growing your small business with Powered Now

Growing your business isn't always about taking on more staff or charging your customers more. 

Sometimes a few simple changes can be the difference between plodding on the same way you have done for years, or breathing a new lease of life into your business and actively encouraging it to flourish. Here's six ways you can use Powered Now to do just that. 

Tip 1: Invest a little time setting things up.

You might ask “How do I add a City and Guilds logo to my documents?” Well, you can do that quite easily. The great thing is that once you have set up your documents, you won’t need to do it again. And every time you send anything to your customer, it will look professional. Watch the video Setting up documents, template, logo & more.

Tip 2: Save time by raising documents electronically.

You’ve just visited Andrew Smith and sized his job, now you need to raise a quote. By the way, don’t worry if you don’t raise quotes. Powered Now can still help you with invoices and all your other paperwork. You can see how easy it is to raise quotes here: Creating your first document (quote). You simply press “New Quote” in Powered Now. By the way, Powered Now works whether you have a signal or not and catches everything up automatically once it’s in range. You will find our competitors don’t do that.

Of course, Powered Now has lots more power underneath but we are keeping things simple for now.

Tip 3: Generate invoices from your quotes (when appropriate).

You can base your invoice on your quote with a single click – no more entering the same information again and again. It’s all explained here Creating an invoice from a quote. If you don’t raise quotes – well, raising invoices is as simple as raising a quote. Powered Now always keeps the number of entries you have to make to an absolute minimum, for instance, we can pick up names and phone numbers from your address book.

So why not create a Powered Now quote or invoice now? It’s incredibly quick and easy.

Tip 4: Send your quotes and invoices by email & text.

Text gets people’s attention. Your customer can press the “accept” button straight away to accept your quote or pay your invoice online. Either way you are told right away. It all means more wins and faster payment.

Tip 5: Follow up your quotes quickly and professionally.

Powered Now tracks when emails are opened and lets you know. The same when your customer accepts or rejects your quote. It means that some business arrives automatically through the door and the rest can be chased appropriately.

Powered Now shows both the notification of the open and the acceptance. Because you know when your customers have opened the quote and whether they accepted or rejected it you can always get back to them from a position of knowledge.

Tip 6: Be organised.

Everyone knows that the key to growing a trade business is first to do good work at a reasonable price, but this is closely followed by the need to be well organised. This is where Powered Now comes into its own. Everything for a project is organised together and you can see how much has been quoted, invoiced and paid. Just see Introduction to projects which gives you a complete view of what’s going on with the customer. No more bits of paper flying around. The diary enables you to plan who will be where and Powered Now tracking means you can always see where you team actually are. The video Introduction to the diary and appointments brings all this home. Finally if you look at Team Chat you will see how your team can communicate, all without leaving Powered Now.

It takes some investment of time to get fully to grips with all the ways that Powered Now can help you to win work and help you to get organised. But it’s well worth it and we’ve made it as easy as possible. Like any investment in good tools it will pay back quickly. And we’re here to help at every stage.

Getting quotes and other paperwork out fast. Closing the deal. Keeping track of complex jobs. Organising and communicating with your team effectively. Taking and tracking payments. Growing your business, saving time. Surely that’s worth some time to check out?

PS Our customers tell us that the thing that they most value is knowing that their information is all securely stored and can’t be lost. No need to worry about a stolen or broken iPhone or a lost piece of paper. Enter your details on any new device and everything is available again!