4 tips on how to get your evenings back with Powered Now!

When I ask any small business owner what their views on Paperwork is, I tend to get a standard reaction. It starts with a roll of the eyes, a long exhale then 9 out of 10 times a long, well rehearsed, rant!

Paperwork sadly is a necessary evil. From creating notes, quotes, invoices, appointments to things like the accounts, its all part of running a business. If managed badly, paperwork becomes a hindrance, it can slow you down and get in the way. However if you're smart you can turn admin into a commercial advantage and thats where Powered Now comes in. Tasks that can take a long time can actually be done in seconds, giving you a big advantage over your rivals.

Here are my four tips to get you started with Powered Now:

Tip 1: Invest a little time setting things up

You might ask “How do I add a City and Guilds logo to my documents?” Well, you can do that quite easily. The great thing is that once you have set up your documents, you won’t need to do it again. And every time you send anything to your customer, it will look professional. Watch the video Setting up documents, template, logo & more.

Tip 2: Save time by raising documents electronically.

You’ve just visited Andrew Smith and sized his job, now you need to raise a quote. Doing it straight away, while everything is fresh in your memory, will save time. By the way, don’t worry if you don’t raise quotes. Powered Now can still help you with invoices and all your other paperwork. You can see how easy it is to raise quotes here: Creating your first document (quote). You simply press “New Quote” in Powered Now. Powered Now works whether you have a signal or not and catches everything up automatically once it’s in range. You will find our competitors don’t do that.

Tip 3: Generate your invoices from your quotes.

Get your evenings back!

Get your evenings back!

You can base your invoice on your quote with a single click – no more entering the same information again and again. It’s all explained here Creating an invoice from a quote. If you don’t raise quotes – well, raising invoices is as simple as raising a quote. Powered Now always keeps the number of entries you have to make to an absolute minimum, for instance, we can pick up names and phone numbers from your address book.

So why not create a Powered Now quote or invoice now? It’s incredibly quick and easy.

Tip 4: Send your quotes and invoices by email & text.

Text gets people’s attention. Your customer can press the “accept” button straight away to accept your quote or pay your invoice online. Either way you are told right away. It all means more wins and faster payment. Oh with Powered Now you can also print your documents.

It takes a short investment of time to learn how to use Powered Now, but like any investment in good tools it will pay back quickly. And we’re here to help at every stage.

Powered Now will then carry on giving you your evenings back week after week. That’s why 75% of our customers strongly recommend Powered Now to their friends and colleagues.